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Cook It™, Goodfood™, Chefs plate™ and Missfresh™

Companies that offer ready-to-cook meals deliver home-made ingredients and recipe cards to make your meals. The delivery is by box or bag including a refrigerated section allowing the ingredients to remain fresh during transport.

Why meal kits?


Eat healty

Ready-to-cook is a healthy alternative to ready-to-eat because it allows you to cook fresh foods and to dose yourself the amounts of fat and salt. In addition, the proposed recipes are generally balanced and complete.

Save times

The menu of the week is done in a few clicks and the ingredients are delivered once a week. No more headache  and going to the grocery store!
last plate!±!

Cooking is fun

The fact that you have all the ingredients in exact quantities as well as recipe and clear recipe cards make meal preparation easy and pleasant, even novices can make dishes worthy of restaurants. The discovery of new ingredients, methods and dishes completes the experience.


The first delivery of the meal kit was made in 2007 by Middagsfrid(means “the peace of supper”) in Sweden. But the concept has been taken over and popularized worldwide by the German company Hello Fresh, which since then offers service on 3 continents.

Comparison of meal kits services in Canada

To be included in this comparison, businesses must deliver at home throughout Quebec and have been in service for at least 1 year. Companies meeting these criteria are: Cook It™, GoodFood™, Chefs plate™ and MissFresh™. If you notice an error, please contact us as soon as possible using the form at the bottom of this page. Only plans with recipe choices are considered.

Cook itTM Chef's PlateTM GoodFood TM MissFreshTM

Founded in

2014-02-18 2014-06-17 2014-12-11 2014-12-11

Headquater located in

Montreal Toronto Montreal Monteal

Delivery zones

Quebec and Ontario Everywhere in Canada East coast Canada Everywhere in Canada

Gluten-free options

Yes No No No

Meals delivered weekly

6000 100,000 100,000 10,000

Price for 3 meals for 2 persons

$65,00 $65,70 $65,00 $65,94

Price for 3 meals for 3 persons

$89,00 n.d. n.d. n.d.

Price for 3 meals for 4 persons

$111,00 $117,00 $115,00 $119,88

Price for 3 meals for 6 persons

$150,00 n.d. n.d. $170,82

Subscription without commitments

Yes Yes Yes Yes

Can pause subscription

Yes Yes Yes Yes

Can choose recipes

Yes Yes Yes Yes

Can change the number of recipes anytime

Yes No No Yes

Can change the number of portion per meal at anytime

Yes No Yes Yes

New menu every week

Yes Yes Yes Yes

Smallest (recipes)

2 2 2 2

Biggest box (recipes)

5 4 4 5

Numbers of recipe offered (par plans)

8 7 7 13

100% Meat without added hormones

Yes No No No

Latest news

it acquires Kuisto (Lapresse+)
GoodFood goes public (Lapresse+) Metro gets into the mealkits game with MissFresh deal

This site is a Cook It ™ initiative to provide a comparison of the various ready-to-cook services. All data compiled in the table comes directly from government registers and COOK IT ™, GOODFOOD ™, CHEF’S PLATE ™ and MISSFRESH ™ business registers. In order to allow a detailed analysis, we selected 19 criteria of 100% quantitative comparison, that is to say based on data that can be verified at any time. The package of 3 selected recipes, being the best-selling product in the industry, was chosen for price comparison. Companies are ranked, from left to right, in order of foundation, then alphabetical in case of equality. If you notice an error, or wish to add a comparison criterion, please contact us as soon as possible at